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Efficient Bio Chemistry, Hematology, Immunoassay Equipment, Medical Laboratory Equipments, Hemoglobin Analyzer, Sperm DNA Fragmentation Monitor, etc., are offered here...

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  • H-8 Hemoglobin Analyser
    HPLC Instrument for HBA1C testing woth Chromatograph
  • Food Intolerance
    Food Intolerance: Adverse reaction to food antigens is predominant amongst the population commonly known as Food intolerance or Food sensitivity and is now a growing concern in India. Food Intolerance is non allergic delayed food hypersensitivity against specific food antigens that may result from the absence of specific chemicals or enzymes needed to digest a food substance or an abnormality in the body’s ability to absorb nutrients. In current era, the immune system of an individual is compromised due to various factors like stress (Exercise induce stress, Fatigue, mood disturbances, gastrointestinal distress, food intolerance, and under performance are common among athletes & gym freaks people) excess of coffee, caffeine, alcohol intake, an improper &/or over eating habit of specific food or excessive protein intake & many other factors including excessive medicine due to specific injuries or illness resulting in damage to the inner lining of the gut system making it leaky. This in turn results in improper digestion & absorptions of food leading to development of multiple symptoms like weight problems, migraine, insomnia, Asthma, anxiety, IBS, ADHD, Chronic Fatigue, Headache etc. This type adverse reaction to food can be immune mediated involving IgG and may take several hours to many days for the symptoms to appear. The symptoms thus developed are so common and are similar in characteristics, so it remains undiagnosed and making patient undergoing various test and medication to know the reason behind the cause or to suppress the symptoms but in long run all these results into delay in recovery of the patient. Therefore identification of the real cause behind the symptoms is very important. We at Omega Diagnostics specializes in the field of immunodiagnostics and offers a wide range of tests for food intolerance to alternative therapy healthcare professionals which includes a finger-prick test for Detecting sensitivity/ intolerance to 46 common Indian Foods, the Food Detective™ test can be done at the convenience of centre with results in couple of hours or same day. (As it is self-content kit) We also have complete kit for Food Intolerance diagnostics based on Immunoglobulin IgG antibody, which can detect Food sensitivity/Food Intolerance to 217 global food including common Indian food (including dairy products, Egg, meat, Gluten, Wheat, rice, rye, barley, Fruits, nuts, spices etc.) which are consumed across India. For 215 Global food including Asian food tested on Genarrayt/ Food Print Microarray platform for quantitative results in U/ml for better diagnosis & monitoring of Food Intolerance IgG antibody. Genarrayt/Food Print Microarray platform is complete system which includes Microarray scanner, centrifuge, Microarray slide wash bath device, computer & software.
About Us

From material procurement to transportation; our company, Tuljai Labpoint Pvt. Ltd. represents quality in each and every aspect of their work. The product line we offer includes Bio Chemistry, Hematology, Immunoassay Equipment, Sperm Motility Monitor, Clinical Chemistry Analyzer, Minicap Flex Piercing and more of impressive quality. This being the reason; our customers always prefers us over our counterparts. Apart from product quality, it is our customer services that make us a company worth relying upon. Being a trader and wholesaler, we very well understand our responsibility of undertaking every action carefully as we do have direct control over the quality of our products that we offer them. Therefore, our team puts all its efforts to ensure that each and every business activity of our company is carried by conducting a thorough research. Our researchers ensure that they always gather correct feedback and suggestions of our customers; considering which we improve ourselves in the areas, we lack.

What Makes Us Special…

We have a large vendor base backed by which we are able to suffice the demands of our customers for high quality Automated Extraction Intact Platelets, Sperm Morphology Monitor, etc., within the stipulated time frame. Chosen over different parameters, we have associated ourselves with some highly reputed businesses in the industry who are extremely professional in their work. Apart from our vendor base, following are some more reasons that make us a reliable business partner-
  • Modern infrastructural base outfitted with all the necessary resources for completing daily tasks seamlessly.
  • An adroit team of professionals backed by which we have been keeping our promises since our establishment.
  • Modern marketing strategies helps us in enhancing our sales and achieving higher annual turnover. This is why; we earned an annual turnover of INR 1 Cr. in the last financial year.

Putting a lid on the bad decisions once taken can be extremely tempting; but taking responsibility of each and every action in-front of the customers is being honest with them that results in the maintenance of company’s integrity in the market. Another way, in which we maintain the integrity of our company is by strictly adhering to our moral code. Following our business activities on the ground of morality enables us in establishing a large customer base.
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